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2SURVIVE (2015)

Director:  Tom Seidman

Written by:  Tom Seidman

Genre:  Suspense/Adventure/Thriller

In 2014, six contestants in a survival reality competition, hosted by Erik Estrada,  are dropped in the middle of the Mojave desert.  Accompanied by a single production cameraman, they are instructed to follow a series of cryptic clues to a $100,000 prize.  All the contestants wear helmet-cams that record their activities 24/7.

Very quickly, a series of mysterious, unexplained accidents force the contestants into a life and death stuggle to survive.  This is the record of what their cameras saw...


Director:  Tom Seidman

Written by:  Tom Seidman

Genre:  Family/Christmas

The heartwarming story of a Michigan family that takes in a foster child for the Christmas holidays.  Emotionally withdrawn, nine year-old Julia refuses to speak and spends her time watching an old VHS of 'The Velveteen Rabbit'.  But when an abandoned pet rabbit is accidentally shot, Julia is transformed.  She learns to care for the injured animal from a quirky old farm woman, Betsy Ross (Florence Henderson).  As the new year begins, Julia focuses her love on "Rumple" while her new family learns cares for her.  But soon the little girl must deal with the heartache of a birth mother who breaks her promises, the everyday struggles of her new family, and the threat of loss when the rabbit's irresponsible owner suddenly reappears. 

THE HAZING (aka Dead Scared)- 2005

Director:  Rolfe Kanefsky

Written by:  Rolfe Kanefsky

Genre: Horror/Comedy

The Evil Dead meets Scream, as evil Professor Kapps (Brad Douriff) possesses the bodies of a group of college pledges during  a Halloween "hazing" ritual in an abandoned mansion. When their friends meet one grisly death after another, the students finally realize that it's Kapps who's taking over their bodies and killing them off.  Now they don't know who to trust -- is it their friends or the professor they're hanging out with?  


Someone better figure it out quick... or no one will make it through the hellish night of... The Hazing! 

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