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Genre:  Noir Detective/Science Fiction

Screenplay: Tom Sediman


A failing L.A. private eye, still suffering battle trauma from WWII, stumbles across top-secret government experiments with anti-gravity in the Nevada desert.  Chinatown meets Inception in 1950's America.


Winner-              2015 Fade-In Award Screenplay Competition (SciFi)

Semi-Finalist-  2016 Screencraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Competition

                             2014 Austin Screenwriting Competition-  Darkwoods Productions Sci-Fi Award



Genre:  SciFI/Horror

Screenplay  Erik Huber & Tom Seidman

Arthur Burns, a geeky teenage outsider who excels at video games but is friendless, discovers a mysterious online game with telekinetic powers, which allows him to control electro-mechanical objects (cars, TVs, traffic lights) in real life. 


At first Arthur uses the game to fight injustice and win the heart of his secret crush, but he soon finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into the game's dark purpose.


Genre:  Historical Docudrama

Screenplay:  Tom Seidman

A popular American politician loses his wife to a devastating illness.  Devastated, he moves with his young daughter to a foreign country tittering on the brink of revolution.  There he begins secretly working with the few men trying to prevent a bloodbath-  and begins a clandestine liason with his daughter's sixteen-year old childhood friend.  


Ten years later, he is elected President of the United States.


An incredible (and largely untold) true story of sex, race, politics and family betrayal.



Genre:  Dramedy/Fable

Screenplay:  Max Evans & Tom Seidman

A simple Hispanic plumber falls in love with ballet, and becomes obsessed with bringing Margot Fontaine, the world's most famous ballerina, to perform in his little New Mexico town. Based on the novella by famed western novelist Max Evans (The Rounders, The Hi-Lo Country).



Genre:  Workplace Reality Show Series

In a sprawling workshop /laboratory on a hidden side street in Van Nuys, California, a team of dedicated (and frankly crazy ) motion picture experts spend every waking hour creating, designing and executing some of the silver screen's most exotic and spectacular special effects.  No computer trickery here-  when these guys blow up a building, flip a car, or shoot an arrow into an bad guy, it's for real.  Lead by 70 year-old Thaine Morris, a legend of Hollywood pyrotechics, the fascinating work of this crazy crew is puntuated with Thaine's detailed stories of his involvment with such classics as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Poltergiest, and Star Wars:  The Empire Strikes Back. 


Genre:  Reality Competition

A competitive simulated crisis reality show.  Every week, a group of employees and managers from a U.S. corporation or public agency (police departments, hospitals, etc) are placed in an extremely realistic crisis situation that threatens the very existence of their organization.  Their goal:  simultaneously manage emergency personnel, press and public relations issues and avert disaster.


Genre:  Dramatic Series Pilot

A brilliant and driven young woman opens an adoption detective agency, bending and even breaking the law to reunite adoptees with their birthparents and siblings. We soon learn her obsession is driven by dark birth secrets of her own.

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