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About Us

TOM SEIDMANWriter/Director


Tom Seidman has worked in the entertainment industry for over thirty years, first in casting and production management and later as a writer, producer and director.


Tom graduated cum laude from Dartmouth College and subsequently attended the American Film Institute as a Directing Fellow.  He worked as a DGA Assistant Director for such filmmakers as Robert Redford (on Ordinary People), Clint Eastwood (on Honkytonk Man), and Peter Weir (on The Dead Poets Society).  


He cast films, pilots and MOW’s as a casting associate for Warner Bros Television, and was the Unit Production Manager and/or Assistant Director on numerous network television shows and series, including The Golden Girls, A Walton’s Reunion, Evening Shade, and Dave's World.

Tom's work as an independent filmmaker includes the documentary Lost Angeles, which was selected for the prestigious PBS series P.O.V.:  The American Documentary.  


In 2003 he formed Honey Creek Pictures and produced the teen horror-comedy The Hazing, starring Academy and Emmy award nominee Brad Dourif.  In 2010 he wrote, produced and directed The Christmas Bunny, starring Florence Henderson, which is still seen annually on national television.  His work for other companies includes writing and directing  the Christmas puppy movie Golden Winter for The Asylum.


Tom has taught film production at the Los Angeles Film School, at Grand Valley State University, and at Inner City Filmmakers in Los Angeles. He lives in Oak Park, California with his wife Linda and his agility dog Scully.


MARCIE BARKINProduction Executive


Marcie Barkin is a successful actress, entrepreneur and business consultant who recently joined Honey Creek Pictures as its first Production Executive. 


After graduating from UCLA with a BA in English Lit,  Marcie went to work for an ad agency in Hollywood. When the creative director couldn't find the lead for a Chevy commercial, he grabbed Marcie and shouted  "Wait!  Marcie can do it!  She'll be perfect!'. 


This led to an unexpected three-decade career as a working Hollywood actress, on a wide variety of shows including All In The Family,​ Santa Barbara, E/RSoap, The Facts of Life and The Gary Shandling Show​.  

In 1989 Marcie founded Axis Software Designs, a Model Management Services company providing model management infrastructure products and services expertise to a wide variety of companies.


Since then, she has provided consulting to Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies, specializing in data and process modeling environments, their infrastructures, and the fostering of communication to ensure successful projects.  Her clients include Pfizer, Cummins, Mercer, Well Fargo, Coca Cola, the U.S. Departments of Defense, Interior and Agriculture, and the Social Security Administration.


Marcie is thrilled to be bringing her business expertise and intimate knowledge of the entertainment industry to this newly created position with Honey Creek Pictures.



Brothers Richard and George Manus are successful real estate managers, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists.  


Both men started their careers in residential real estate in Western Michigan, with Richard quickly becoming one of the top sales agents in the state and younger brother George getting his real estate license while still in high school.


In 1980, with the price of gold skyrocketing, George set out with a gold dredge and camper truck to make his fortune in the mountain rivers of northern California.  George didn't strike it  rich from the gold fields, but he was exposed to a different type of gold bar:  nutritional food bars.  Returning home to Rockford, Michigan, he started making his own bars by hand in his kitchen and selling them to local health food co-ops.


With brother Richard now his partner, the men began attending national trade shows and selling their services to the entire nutritional arena. Throughout the 1990's their company, Five Star Brands, experienced explosive

growth and became internationally-known for private label protein and nutritional food products.  The company was soon employing 300 workers making 500,000 bars a day- over one hundred million bars a year- at a state-of-the-art 100,000 square foot facility in Grand Rapids.


In 1998, Five Star was acquired by a venture capital firm from Seattle. The plant still produces food bars today under the name of Elan Nutrition.


Richard is currently enjoying his retirement, while George is still "going for the gold" as an active partner in several business ventures, including Zoe Communications (seven radio stations in central Wisconsin), Zoe Properties (communication tower operations & leasing), Zoe Auto (retail auto outlets) and of course Honey Creek Pictures. For R&R, George enjoys pitching in with the chores at his working ranch in Crystal River, Florida.

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